Forgetful Database Buddhas

I’ve done it again, I forgot to put up Database Monday.

Today it is yet another deck that I don’t see people using, perhaps because of its Osho association. Osho’s dead, and he culled his wisdom from several traditions and sources, so he is always a fun read if you can wade through his gobbledygook. Barring that, let the wisdom of others sift through his words in publications. That works for me.

Buddha Discovery Deck – 53 Sutras And Meditation Cards To Create A Silent Space Within


And a sample of the beautiful statuary, art and photography. The cards are HUGE, a fact guaranteed to please me as I love large cards.


You can’t go wrong with lots of Buddha art.




8 thoughts on “Forgetful Database Buddhas

  1. I think I had this deck years ago, but gave it to a friend because I didn’t like the writing on the back of the cards (one of the many card phases I went through – what an idiot I was). Osho does put a new age spin on all he writes, bu the statues and artwork in this deck are gorgeous.

    • I have several cards with writing and it doesn’t bother me, nor does writing on the front actually. I think for me it has always been about the artwork so words are just there, like scenery skimming by, and I only see the colour and lines etc.

      I know people have complained for years about titling in many languages on cards like Lo Scarabeo used to do. It never bothered me, I found it charming to read “Der Tod” or “Cavaliere di Bastoni”–so exotically European!

  2. Haha. I love it. “You can’t go wrong with lots of Buddha art.” I’m so angry at myself for not having discovered your site sooner. Your writing is gold. Now I’m gong to be totally unproductive today and do little else but read. This site. You are so not welcome.

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