Lojong #25

While having trouble getting to sleep last night, I picked up a Pema Chodron book to browse through and she mentioned the Lojong slogans which reminded me to pick a card. I went through the slogans reading them and picked one whose title interested me.

Don’t talk about injured limbs.


This image is of a redbud leaf with holes made by leafcutter bees. Danger, danger, a natural history clue! I have never heard of leafcutter bees but they make these distinctive 3/4-inch circles on tree leaves. Wow.

Don’t we all know this card? Sure we do, as we pick at people who are disabled or stand out in some way. We point, we whisper, we gossip and taken generally, we can choose to do this with everyone about anything. Let’s snipe at Mary’s new haircut or ridicule Joe’s new girlfriend behind her back.

What I like about this photograph is that it gets across the point of staring and whispering about people who are physically disabled but it also shows the idea of people picking and nibbling at each other. Norman Fischer calls this slogan Don’t talk about faults and that could be anything.

How much different life would be if we just stopped it, stopped nattering away about people. Even if they are nasty and deserve it, speak differently about them, speak of them with sympathy or kindness, or don’t speak at all.

Now that’s a tough leaf to chew.




5 thoughts on “Lojong #25

  1. Great post and card, Judy. I think it is good for me at the moment, since I have nibbled at others in recent times and I should know better.

    Loved the description of the leafcutter bees!

    Happy New Year!, also 🙂

  2. You know the interesting thing about leafcutter bees is they only like certain kinds of leaves – thin, flexible and soft ones instead of those that are tough. And I would guess that those are the people who get picked on and talked about the most – those who are vulnerable and tender.

    • Another layer of depth to the card, you really have added a lot to my understanding of these slogans.

      I baked more cornbread today, this time with parsley and oregano (no chocolate) to go with a chili. 😉

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