The Dancing Peafowl Hurtles Into the New Year

In learning that American poet Miller Williams had died, I listened to him reading a poem at Bill Clinton’s second inaugural. The cadence and rhythm of him reading sends small waves into the back of my mind, so soothing to hear poets recite things.

And in this life I wear my new arm strap and remember years and years of pain at work both physical and emotional. At the end I was wearing five straps and bandages on my arms, trying to get through the day, when my body had obviously had enough. Thankless.

Yay, I’m not there any more! That is cause for good old celebration on this January 2nd. I am reading a book I ordered in from the library called The Power of the Herd: A Nonpredatory Approach to Social Intelligence, Leadership, and Innovation by Linda Kohanov, the woman who wrote The Way of the Horse cards.

She uses historical figures and horses to weave her thesis. So far she has mentioned several interesting things about George Washington. In reading the book I often flare up in indignation, remembering past things from work, but it also reminds me that the people were not leaders and had no maturity in relating to people.

How MUCH bigger life is, how much more interesting.



This is an Indian Peafowl, native to India and Sri Lanka, a most attractive composition.

All those eyes on their feathers give peacocks the ability to see. The card speaks of dancing, dancing in your bare feet to gain insight. I used to do that but my body will no longer dance without serious injury.

So perhaps a more literal approach to insight: closing the eyes and seeing what comes up. A way of refocusing for the day. The book also mentions being too proud to show your work, which niggles at me since my first sketch for my weekly sketchbook year goes up in three days.

Release my pride and accomplish my goals. This keeps coming up for me, the goal, the ability to complete to move forward.




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