The Details are NOT in Perfectionism

“The most powerful patterns are created within the tiniest details. Pay attention.”


I laughed at this one because I spent 1.5 hours today drawing something where the details didn’t work out. My chronic tendinitis has flared up with drawing this week, so I bought a Tensor band to help. I haven’t had to wear one for about five years, so it was discouraging.

I guess I’m going to have to spread the detail work out over several days and nurse my arm along. I am doing a weekly drawing so that should work. I want to draw again as I love it, but my body continually rears up with chronic pain.

So I should pay attention to that, yet realize that within tiny details done over days I can create a piece of art. On with the Tensor cuff, and make small but meaningful gestures with pencils and brushes. Best to catch it at the beginning before I hurt myself and can’t do anything for months.

The reverse of this card mentions that perfectionism will not lead me to where I desire. It is so much my perfectionism that turns a 30-minute happy sketch, into a protracted exercise in pain after several hours. Accept things as they are and leave the perfectionism behind.

If ever a message was meant for me this is it. Steer away from perfectionism!! I’m creating a pattern this year for creating art, period.




6 thoughts on “The Details are NOT in Perfectionism

  1. This is exactly why I haven’t made myself sit down and draw cornbread (I have a picture of the broccoli cornbread I make to go with chili). My mind kept telling me that my sketch would just look like a yellow block. 😀 Perfectionism, ack! It’s like a hairball I need to hack up.

    • Broccoli cornbread sounds very good.

      I am as usual having trouble with my hands and tendinitis. I have a huge bruise on my right hand between my index and middle finger due to drawing. I am switching to watercolours. The chocolate chips render some interesting shades within the yellow block. ;-))))

        • Don’t forget that Week 1 is the benchmark, you are going to be better after 52 weeks of drawing.

          It’s hard not to be perfect, and worse, to show people that, but that’s the whole idea of this weekly stint.

  2. Nothing is ever going to be perfect, so beating yourself up over the details is futile. That being said, the discrepancy between what I want to see and what I do see when I draw or paint is definitely a reason why I do so rarely. Even not expecting perfection I get disappointed :/ Hope you can find a happy balance, JJ 🙂

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