Bird Signs in the Database

I forgot to do Database Monday yesterday! It felt like Saturday as I wait in the woods between Christmas and New Year.

Here is another good deck: Bird Signs: Guidance & Wisdom from Our Feathered Friends by G.G Carbone; illustrated by Mary Ruzicka. This was published by New World Library and has a lovely slipcase made of heavy illustration board.

More than anything, I like a deck with birds in it.


I like the feathers on the back of the cards, which have flecks in the background from a hand made paper.


They have a sub-category of seven cards (like the Nutrition – Health card on the upper left) that are labelled “Feathered Friends Cards” and are used to represent bird energy, chakras, and chakra colours. These, in addition to the forty-five regular cards make up the deck.

The book mentions that it is “lucky” to get one of the seven Friends cards to add dimension to your reading. I usually do a single card draw so I never really think of them like that. I also don’t use chakras beyond knowing what they are, but it’s interesting to have this added bonus with the deck.

Good Monday on Tuesday to you all.







6 thoughts on “Bird Signs in the Database

  1. Dang, you enabling woman! šŸ˜€ That deck is beautiful! I read on one blog that birders who saw the self-published cards sent info about the birds so that when the deck was published by a company, they included a lot of that information on the cards. Now that is my kind of deck.

    • The more information, the better. I would prefer facts and such about birds rather than new-agey sort of writing.

      That is great that the publisher was open to including some good information.

        • I find in the decks using new-age stuff, that it seems that the author isn’t saying anything, just blathering one repetitive thing for every card.

          Whereas, an original interpretation and a tie-in to attributes and habits of the subject can bring a much fuller meaning and depth to the writing, and thus the card.

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