The Sea of Light in HB and 6B

HEARTBEAT – Traveling Light
“From whence you came, then come again, and journey into the sea of light.”


I really like these Magic & Myth cards.

Our souls want colour and love and hope, the sweetness of the natural world and connection. Unfortunately, the mind disconnects from the “hugeness of a bigger life” as Sue Lion calls it.

This card is about the path you take, lighting your way with the Universe and connection.

A good card for the season as the shopaholism gets a bit tiresome, the push to buy and forget mindlessly in buying ephemeral stuff, is deadly for the soul and the true sweetness of life.

The spouse and I were feeling disheartened. He kept sighing deep, sad sighs and I was cranky. Yesterday I got up and did the dishes, cleaned all the kitchen, wiped down the fridge and floors, and then he got up and put away the five square feet of detritus left in the kitchen from painting our renovated bathroom. Then we tidied the new medicine cabinet and vanity in the new bathroom and organized that and put up the shower curtain.


Today I got up today and had a shower for the first time since November. Then I drew a tarantula in one of my sketchbooks with my new Faber-Castell 9000 pencils.

Now that’s a good day, journeying into the sea of light.




2 thoughts on “The Sea of Light in HB and 6B

    • Thanks Bev, we badly needed that room redone so are glad it’s over.

      I find winter hard too but we’ve passed the solstice so the days are gradually getting lighter. I tend to hold onto that thought as I sit in my gloomy living room in the late afternoon.

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