52-Week Sketching Project

I decided to cross-post this here as well as on my artsy blog.


There are many good, active online groups doing daily or weekly sketching assignments. I either felt overwhelmed by the number of people, or the push to join Facebook, or the push to post on one site or whatever.

So I thought about it and asked my friend Rose (who is a wonderful artist) if she might like to do this, and then I made up a list of prompts from my dictionary. Then I decided I would contain it in a specific blog.

If you would like to use my prompts here is my new Manner and Material blog and information:

My week one prompt for Jan 5 is “cornbread” so this week I’m baking cornbread to draw. I haven’t made cornbread for decades.

Who wants to bake and draw some cornbread?


You’re going to miss out, I’m putting chocolate chips in mine….



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6 Comments on “52-Week Sketching Project”

  1. denise528 Says:

    I’m going to give this a go. In New Zealand corn bread is a mystery. I love to learn new things. Thanks.

  2. Beverly King Says:

    Chocolate chips in cornbread?! The Southerner in me has her jaw on the floor… heehee.
    I might dust off the colored pencils and give some of these a try.

    • JJ Says:

      I know, it’s scandalous Bev, but it’s really more for my husband, who likes sweets.

      It is my impression that in the South, you cook cornbread in skillets but perhaps that’s not right? I know you often have it as a side whereas we treat it more like a muffin. I used to use corn meal in pancakes, to make them special.

      Yes, dust off the coloured pencils!

  3. chloetarot Says:

    I used to make cornbread to go with chili sin carne, but haven’t made either for ages… Yum!

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