Clifford’s Tower Burns and Becomes Golgotha



This is the only remaining bit of York Castle which was William the Conqueror’s castle. There was no credit given to the artist on the postcard.

The tower used to be wood but was destroyed just over a hundred years after it was built when it burned down in 1190 as 150 Jews were killed on the site. After that they raised the mound more and rebuilt the tower, again in wood, which was destroyed by high winds in 1245.

Because of the wars with the Scottish, it was then decided to rebuild it in stone. Battered by weather, fire and boggy land, the tower had deteriorated by 1596, and the jailer at the tower started selling off the stone and kept the money for himself. The local Council finally put a stop to that nonsense and the tower was used by troops during the English Civil War and after, when it was again burnt out in 1684.

After that they treated it a bit like a decorative folly in the garden and then incorporated it into a prison in the early 19th century. There have been plans over the centuries to demolish it, and although somewhat decayed it has proven to be a good tourist attraction.

Amazing that it still stands, but what a gruesome history. Henry VIII used to display the heads of enemies he had killed. It’s like the English Golgotha in some way, rising out of the landscape.

I sat around in my nightie all day in front of the television. It is most unlike me, but perhaps I needed to root to the landscape for a while searching for water from the old moat?

And yes, this did make a jolly good jigsaw. 1 hour and 20 minutes worth.






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