Turbulence and Barley Wine

My sewing machine is on the fritz again so it’s in the shop for service. It was only fixed 11 months ago, but I went to sew and the presser foot was sticking and things weren’t running through the machine properly.

While in the other town to drop the machine off I bought 1/4 metre of a vivid fabric and some silk flowers. I have decided to sew a Frida Kahlo doll to remind me of someone who experienced years of terrible pain but created art. As well as the doll I get to make jewellery and perhaps embroider a shawl, giving my mind some respite.


Today I thought to haul out the Innovative Whack Pack.

The barley-wine drink falls apart unless it is stirred.


Most flow is turbulent. Adding milk to tea causes a swirling action as the two mix, and in a more extreme example, turbulence in weather or wind can be destructive.

But if you think about mixing up salad dressing, water and oil for instance that are typically separated when at rest, it shows a metaphor for mixing ideas together that might not normally be joined and how invigorating that is, how much better it tastes or how shaking things up allows old systems to lose their dominance. This then gives new ideas a chance to be used.

I am having some trouble with my old pal depression. I don’t feel like giving up, therefore changing up what I’m doing or working on might be invigorating. I don’t really want to start another project, I don’t want to do anything at all. Yet after listening to a podcast by James Wells advertising his upcoming teleseminar, I thought about what they were saying about beings and energies who might be trying to work with me.

I don’t believe in guides but I thought I might listen anyway, and I kept thinking about Frida Kahlo, principally because she was shattered by pain (as I am) and kept creating. I put her name into Google and got some interesting images of dolls painted like Frida Kahlo. Then I bought a $5 pattern for a rag doll and redrew parts of it to suit my project, and I bought this bit of focus fabric and I am getting my sewing machine fixed.

I don’t know what this all means or if it has meaning at all, but it was an unexpected thought, so I thought I should remain open to it. Do I think Frida Kahlo is trying to work with me? No.

Who is trying to work with you?

I don’t know, but I will remain open to the idea.




8 thoughts on “Turbulence and Barley Wine

  1. Sorry to hear you’re in so much pain and feeling depressed, JJ. I hope the Frida doll and teleseminar will give you a couple of focuses to help draw you out. With depression, taking action of any kind can help kick you out of it, so fingers crossed… ((hugs))

    • No teleseminar for me Chloe, it’s way too expensive at $150. I just listened to his podcast advertising it.

      I’ve had 2 serious clinical depressions 22 years apart, so know it’s important to catch it early. The last one lasted ten years and nearly killed me, I don’t want to go there again.

  2. Oh, oh, oh …

    Charlotte and I were both recently looking at Frida Kahlo dolls online. We’ve loved her work for many, many years. Sometimes, Charlotte wears Frida Kahlo earrings.

    This will be an exciting project to see evolve. The idea of Frida-Fabrics and the styling of the doll.

    I saw an exhibition of Frida’s years ago in the Tate. You forget how small her paintings were. Did you ever see the movie they made about her?

    • Yes, I saw the movie which was good. The biography I’m buying used after Xmas is the one they used as the movie tie-in, but I’m getting the earlier edition which is much cheaper,

      (Coughs) Maybe you can make Charlotte a Frida doll. God knows you could do a beautiful job painting the face.

  3. I am impressed with your idea to make a Frida Kahlo doll! I hope you’ll post a photo when you’re finished. I’m not sure I believe in guides either, but I do think there is a part of me, an inner resource, that is wise and objective. It lives right next to that “the sky is falling part” so it often doesn’t get heard. Depression is a tough nut to crack, but refusing to allow it to swallow you whole is a good start. Gentle hugs to you, J.

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