Animals, Children, and a Darn Good Likeness of a Sheep

Since the death of my cat Stitch superseded Database Monday, I’m doing Database Monday on Tuesday. Mondays can be stretched into Tuesday in the space/time continuum of Because I Can.

These are the Creature Teacher Cards by Scott Alexander King, published by Blue Angel and illustrated by Sioux Dollman. I bought them for the artwork on the 45 cards. I use it but the book is written for children as a way for them to deal with the real world and real world situations, and a way of working through it in a way that helps them talk about problems. So the writing is a bit odd for adults, a bit simplistic, but the cards are good.

(Click to enlarge)


For those of you waiting for the sheep.


As you can see, adults might have to deal with many of the same things or need similar affirmations so that’s why I keep this deck. I like relevant commentary no matter what.

I also like a good depiction of the Tawny Frogmouth. You can’t beat that as the impetus to buy a deck of cards.




4 thoughts on “Animals, Children, and a Darn Good Likeness of a Sheep

  1. I am so sorry about Stitch… I heard something today that there is no death in this world, only a reshuffling of atoms… I miss my cat Pookie who was killed 4 weeks ago so much still, canpt look at his photos yet.

    • It’s funny, I find photographs quite comforting. I figure the grief and pain of it is sitting there anyway, so I might as well remember what the person or animal looked like in happier times.

      When my Mom died many years ago I got some newer and old photos of her and an album of photos and writing and that helped me.

      Everybody’s different in their approach.

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