Skulls of Birds and Cats

It was a sad day for us, as our cat Stitch was euthanized this afternoon after 18 months of deteriorating health. Have a safe journey my little Bobbet, my happy-go-lucky friend.





Journeys through the murky waters of death and old age, and the moon and mysteries of life and the unconscious.




10 thoughts on “Skulls of Birds and Cats

    • It’s tough. We were trying to figure out how many pets we’ve lost over the years and the count was 14. This is what happens when you have a multiple-pet household, the losses add up over 38 years.

      Thanks Bev.

  1. I apparently missed this post. I’m sorry for the loss of Stitch, who seems to have had a tough time of it there. Yet it sounded like he gave and received love, and didn’t let things get him down or keep him from enjoying life — a lesson we could all remember at times! (Maybe we need cones of shame to remind us. 🙂 )

    Hopefully time has begun your healing journey.

  2. Ah Jase, he was a cheerful little cat. I think I had been preparing for his death for months, particularly the last two months. He was just so ill for the last month that I think it gave me time to prepare.

    Still, whenever I sit in the living room reading (which is daily) I miss the little guy jumping up and snuggling in.


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