Wealth, Cha, Cha, Cha

Yesterday I shuffled around in my nightie and sweater and two blankets all day. I guess my body needed it because today I was up early and bathed with hair washed and ready to go.

I made tortillas for lunch with Maseca mix to go with leftover vegan chili. They turned out well and they were no problem to cook in a non-stick pan with no oil. I couldn’t believe it. After lunch I made some fresh oat milk with a new strainer and nut bag, and that turned out well. I will try it out for breakfast tomorrow with some Red River Cereal. After lying down for an hour I made some ice lollies using a frozen berry mix, freshly squeezed lemon, banana and water with the new molds I bought back in October

Then I made a nice barley pilaf for dinner. I could hardly move because my back was so sore but at least I had some energy and made an effort. I am drinking lots of water tonight.

From the Relationship Cards by Susan Woldman.



Apparently I need to get ready for tremendous success as prosperity paves a golden path for me and I am showered with blessings.

Based on today, I think the blessings are other than monetary, the success is going to be something else, hopefully health-related.




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