Clockless Rainbow Rhythm



The Perfect Calm Deck is one of the publications by Chronicle Books that I really enjoy. They make great decks, but seem to have turned to other things in recent years. It’s very hard to scan the clarity and colour of these cards and they are on matte laminated heavy card, they feel very substantial.

Today it’s all about waking naturally, resting when you feel tired, and giving yourself as long as you need to complete tasks without being ruled by time and stress. Years ago my husband and I both stopped wearing watches and I do find that more peaceful. I find especially with computers that my natural rhythm gets skewed. The constraints of time need to be let go some days. I woke up at 4:30 a.m. but after an hour I am ready to get a hot water bottle and go back to bed.

I like the idea of peace and rest with this, and that is supported by the thoughts of the Rainbow card and a difficult situation being over. The book says that things should be much easier in the future. I hope so, I’m exhausted and feeling very down to the point of not being able to spark myself.

A day of rest, thinking of cycles and rainbows and natural rhythms.




4 thoughts on “Clockless Rainbow Rhythm

  1. Sorry to hear you’re feeling down! Do you think it’s related to the day’s drawing in, or lack of sleep? Having a young baby, my sleep isn’t great right now. He sleeps when it suits him, but I don’t always manage the same… Lovely card from the Perfect Calm Deck (another I’d never heard of!)

    • It might be winter and less light, but really I think my health has deteriorated to such a point that I feel insurmountably hopeless most of the time.

      I started using decks like The Perfect Calm Deck almost as soon as I discovered tarot. It,s the artwork in these different decks that I find so appealing, even though primitive.

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