The Lolly Jay of May



I couldn’t help thinking of Christmas with this draw. Jays always remind me of winter because they stay around at the feeders in winter. These look like dried rose hips surrounding the jay, and they made a good match to the cherry blossoms of May.

I thought because of Christmas that I’d make the Tea Leaf card into a lollipop. The Kingdom card is about abundance and seeing the abundance around you, and realizing that abundance is also inside you. “…no trying, no reaching, no grasping required” as Sandra says in the booklet.

That’s a very Christmas idea too.

Yet the card I picked to go with this is about the month of May, so I can’t help thinking that maybe (dare I hope) we will move next May and it will feel like Christmas, as the abundance reflects back to me without a lot of trying, just letting it happen, no grasping required.




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