Database Monday: Stick to Robert E. Lee and Knitting

Okay, so lying in bed tossing with insomnia, I got the idea to devote Mondays to explorations in my card database.

I know, it’s a pretty exciting start to the week.

Today, after rooting around I went to the History sub-section and decided to show the sample of Robert E. Lee: Strategies For Leadership by US Games. I wish they’d done more decks in this series, but perhaps they didn’t sell well? I only know I bought all three sets and like them. As well as this one there is a set on General George S. Patton and Ulysses S. Grant.


1. STICK TO YOUR KNITTING (Click to enlarge)


See, all you people with the Monday blues, go to work because you are good at something, stick with it because you love it and it suits you, don’t give it up just because you’ll make more money in another field.

Listen to General Lee.




6 thoughts on “Database Monday: Stick to Robert E. Lee and Knitting

  1. Interesting cards, I’ve never heard of these! Though, with little knowledge of American history, I’m not sure I’d have been tempted by them anyway. Curious, as there’s no mention of knitting in the story, is that some kind of idiomatic saying? *curious face*

    • I think the “Stick to your knitting” is the phrase Lee actually used, and it has been rounded out with stuff from the book.

      I’ve had an interest in the American Civil War since I was 12 and read the book “The Day Lincoln was Shot” by American historian Jim Bishop. I’m Canadian, but perhaps because of our “two solitudes” in Canada, that US civil war is haunting. It still reverberates today in the US, it will never go away, a tragedy.

      As far as Patton goes I think that movie about him from the early 1970s with George C. Scott influenced me a lot. After I bought the Patton cards I bought a figurine of Patton, and a good biography of him–amazing person, if a bit difficult.

  2. The fact that you have a history subsection to your card collection made me grin from ear to ear – an organizer after my own heart! 🙂
    I had no idea that Lee’s father left him and his mother as he did; it sure makes his words carry more weight. Funny how he said them well over a hundred years ago, but they still ring true today.
    Looking forward to Mondays at your place!

    • Yeah, I’m a bit uptight Bev, always have to have things sorted and categorized.

      It is amazing to me that Jefferson Davis is vilified and yet Lee is revered by all. Lee had something special, he was quite a gentleman and respected. If you read Shelby Foote, a bit of balance is given back to Jefferson Davis, he wasn’t as evil and irresponsible as he came down to us in history.

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