Cut Tulips on the Kitchen Table

This time I’m using the Mastery of Love cards with the Tea Leaf Fortune Cards. Because there are so many Tea Leaf cards, I could probably find dozens to go with this card, but as I was sorting I did it quickly. The Whale card in particular was one where I noticed the colour similarities yet I passed by it, and then went back because I didn’t feel right passing it by.



Here is steam from fragrant cooking rising and floating out the window. You can create love for yourself and the whole world if you open up and let it out. There is no need to beg for love, you already have it inside, and there’s enough to go around.

Funnily enough, I chose the card with the Pineapple on the kitchen table, an apt tie-in, as my first pick to go with this. Reconciliation is another tricky word as it can mean reconciliation with people after a separation or argument, or it can mean reconciling yourself to a situation that is less than good in your life.

The whale is an alarming fellow because of his size. If you’ve ever been in a boat when a whale comes to the surface near you, it is half scary, half awe-inspiring. Whale is just getting air though and only wants to pass by without a big fuss. I am a person who has great worries over nothing. All the anxiety and worry passes as life changes and I realize it was no big deal in the first place. That definitely needs remembering.

Tulip speaks of great passion whether romantic, or emotional anger or zeal, its bright colours and blush of adrenaline with leaves lifting and swaying means passion.

I’ve been working on a negative technique painting with a coloured pencil hummingbird on top. I had to stop while our bathroom was being done, not because I couldn’t do it but because I couldn’t concentrate for worry. Worry kills my zeal for creating. If I reconciled myself to situations rather than stopping life altogether and locking up, I could take the air and pass along, doing my thing.

I don’t know what it is with art, but I see a card like this with colour and swirling exuberance and think “What happened to my passion?”

Whale knows.



2 thoughts on “Cut Tulips on the Kitchen Table

  1. So glad I found your blog after doing a search for Barry Brailsford’s Wisdom of the Four Winds.

    Your words, syntax, language is just the ticket for how I am feeling at the moment. Makes me feel expansive and joyful after reading a few of your posts.

    thank you so much,

    • That’s really nice of you to say.

      We all go through down periods, like waves, but I found words and art quite helpful in giving me a better focus at such times.

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