The Ram in Winter

Continuing my experiment with the Tea Leaf Fortune cards and random bits from other decks. I chose the Ram card and then went looking in the Chinese Horoscope cards for a suitable companion based on colour. Then I wrote a small poem by mixing up the words slightly.








4 thoughts on “The Ram in Winter

  1. This put me in mind of the rune Isa. I can see how being stubbornly static could tie in with winter. Interesting crossover 🙂

  2. I like this pairing, not only for color but also because the shape of the Tea Leaf card reflects the tree and sun of the Horoscope card. The poem is a great form for the reading – reminds me of a Confucian proverb. Hope you’ll do some more of these!

    • Thanks Bev, I do like to mix things up. I have a large collection and just rescanning some of the cards woke me up to using them.

      Isn’t that neat that the shape of the sun ties in? I love the little Tea Leaf cards, I was so glad when she reprinted them so people could find them again.

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