Sleep and Grow, Water Flowers

I spent more hours last night rescanning cards from five more decks for the database. I just have two more decks to go and I’ll be completely updated with the images exactly the way I want them.

Someone was asking me about how I use the Tea Leaf Fortune Cards yesterday and in thinking about it, I realized I like to pair them with other decks. There are so many cards in the Tea Leaf that I find if I randomly pick one or two and then pick a card from another deck it works well and I can concentrate on the details. They seem to bring more meaning to me in a snapshot kind of way rather than trying to work with a swarm of them.

I often pair cards with regard to colour. I started doing this in February 2005 with a 21-card study I did with a card from the Dreaming in Color Luman Deck. I picked the Power card, a gold card (one of my least favourite colours) and paired it with similarly coloured cards from other decks and then wrote little essays. I still have them printed out in a binder as this was before the days of blogging.

So today I picked two Tea Leaf cards and then went through Sue Lion’s Magic & Myth deck and picked a card I thought looked nice colour-wise with them. I like to work with colour first and then tie things together.



A long journey, either physical or mental, plus paying attention to my health, plus the way I look at things and how I need one idea or situation and another idea to be a companion to that, to provide balance and awareness.

You need rain to grow flowers, and water to enjoy swimming and bathe in, and storms to know calm, and winter before spring.

I often talk about health on this blog. I can’t seem to get myself to take it seriously, to get well. I have made inroads on mental thinking but physical health eludes me. The feelings of hopelessness overtake me when I can’t go for a walk any more. The fellow with the Cane is a forewarning, and the card advises slowing down, paying attention to my health.

The Elephant signifies that the information I’m learning from my journey will change my life. I suppose this could be change for the good or ill, but that’s part of the journey. I am definitely learning. It would be nice to regain some health.

The Growth card is helpful in thinking that everything is not bad or realizing that seemingly “bad” situations make you aware of all the good things you have. It’s a “count the blessings” card; tears of heaven fill the sea and nurture life.

My husband and I are relaxing for a couple of days, he watching golf, and me scanning in cards and reading and having some fun. We needed a break for a few days after the stress of four months of home repairs. Really, people need quiet time, and it’s a time to reflect on the blessings I have but also to gain awareness of what’s going in with my body and mind.

I can feel myself having fun and sleeping better, continuing the journey with what I need hopefully.




2 thoughts on “Sleep and Grow, Water Flowers

  1. Glad you’re enjoying some quiet solitude for a change; I need it as much as oxygen at times.
    I would dearly love to have a set of Tea Leaf cards with titles and pictures but not keywords. 🙂

    • I don’t know why, but keywords don’t often bother me, I just take them if I like the art.The art on the Tea Leaf cards is so good I forgive the writing.

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