An Old Deck from the Newly Updated Database

I spent several hours updating my card database and scanning in cards and covers for four new decks. I’m all up to date and have backed up the database and images.

I’m still awake just after midnight and about to fill a hot water bottle for bed. It has not been a happy week, so I need a rest. I keep hearing Billy Joel’s song And So It Goes meandering through my mind. A good lullaby.

What to pick? Rather than a card I rummaged in the database and found this one, a gift from a relative. It is plain sayings from the Tao Te Ching with no graphics, but the book is nice and it’s good for quiet contemplation.

This is the Tao Book and Card Pack by Timothy Freke. Click to enlarge.





2 thoughts on “An Old Deck from the Newly Updated Database

  1. I gave this set to my husband years ago; he didn’t care much for the cards, but every margin in the book is full of his personal notes. It probably most closely reflects his philosophy, and has been his “bible” of sorts.

    • You are the first person I’ve met that even knows this deck. I can see why he is fond of the book, it’s well written but the layout is stylish and appealing.

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