Wind Sighing The Lost Courtier

Touch lightly the sky. Breathe in her tender scent & let the fragrant wind sigh into the soul.


Oh I felt bad when I saw this because our old fellow, the quaking aspen that provided such shade when we moved here when there were no shady trees, had to be cut down in the fall this year at the age of approximately 30 years.

In this picture the roots reach deeply into “the mystery of lavender water” which is nice because I have several clumps of lavender in the front yard, including one near where this tree stood. The aspens are connecting heaven and earth, connecting all things. Oh I love this: Sue Lion calls aspens “those lovely courtiers of the forest”—how delightful, as I am surrounded by them, by their rustling wind-talking leaves, their songs that sigh into the soul.

Gone but not forgotten, my old tree sighs still. The spouse planted a lot of allium and red tulip bulbs in the wood chips that remain where he used to be. Hopefully in the spring, the bits of him that are left left will nourish flowers.

I can’t help thinking though that my youth went with the aspen tree. That’s the biggest sigh, the sigh of change and bereavement.



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