Looking Back at the Void



Now here is a nice raven. Apparently he has just popped in from the black void of pure creation, where good and bad don’t exist, things just are as they are. Another card about focus and that what you focus on is what you create.

The non-judgement of the present moment shakes a feather or two. I actually like Sandra’s thought about there being lots of ravens and crows around us in the environment, which shows how plentiful magic is.

Yesterday and today I experienced a lot of muscle tension. Partly stress from our bathroom renovation, which has been halted for 4 days while the contractor finishes another commitment, and partly stress from trying to exercise. This is a good reminder to me not to focus on pain and muscle tension, but to focus on something else I want to create.

It does tend to overwhelm me and make me feel sick. I was bundled up yesterday in two blankets with a hot water bottle and a pillow; feeling a mite frail and old. So this just exists, it is the way things are and I can acknowledge that and then paint some flowers.




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