Dirty Old, Spooky Old Moon

I got some painting done yesterday, finally. I also got this done:


Yes, it’s a jigsaw of the Lojong cards by Bev King, exhibited in the gallery, plus my statistics for pieces and timing. I am not fast, I never do anything fast. I suppose people might wonder why I have this thing for digital jigsaws, but in a case like this, it helps me to connect to cards or do up configurations of them to puzzle out.

Essentially, every deck is a deck of artwork and I like doing puzzles of artwork. It must be all the Springbok puzzles I used to do when young.

Back spasms today, which is not too comfortable.



On days when I can’t move too well I do feel like Death. I am amazed constantly by the resilience of the human spirit in adversity.

“Do not cling to who you thought you were.” I find that hard when I say “I wish I could ride my bike” or something like that and I can’t. I still believe I’m not stuck here forever but it sure feels like it. Maybe that’s an attitude that could die as well?

End that, release that thought, that attachment to the way I was. I shall ponder that.

My husband and the dogs are driving back from someone’s cottage today. It has been very silent but is starting to feel like a vacuum. I have spent some nice, quite time with the cats and the radio though. There is an old song called Dirty Old Town and I keep singing “Spooky old Death..” to the tune because this card is rather eerie, in a parody of Mad Magazine in the a.m.

Happy Sunday!

UPDATE: Oh dear, oh my, didn’t I mix up the Moon card with Death. Well I ask, who wouldn’t? I have a continual problem with the latter end of the Majors in this manner.

So, pay attention to my dreams sayeth The Moon. I had a dream the other day where someone at an old job of mine mistook me for a medical doctor and hired me as a consultant. I kept saying to myself, I’m an imposter! A bit like the Moon masquerading as Death and trying to fool old Jude.

Mind you, old Jude can be a fool without any help.





2 thoughts on “Dirty Old, Spooky Old Moon

  1. I have a few decks where Death looks like the Devil and the Devil looks like Death. The China is one such pack where that happens. I’m good at remembering all the numbers in the majors but the images in some packs slip me up sometimes!

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