Killing Time in Scarborough

It’s iffy to feel mopey but it’s been one of those days, probably because I only got five hours of sleep.

So I took out one of my new postcards from Steve, put a nice background on it…


then I did a jigsaw….


One hour and forty-six minutes. Then I moped around and read some more and ate and moped.

Now I’m zoning out on the computer. Insomnia is a drag. I must get some sleep and spring up in the morning and paint. Intention, intention.




2 thoughts on “Killing Time in Scarborough

  1. I love to see the cards we send you on the blog. It is always a nice memory when they appear here as a surprise.

    The postcard shows a nicer side of Scarborough than we found. I’ve heard that there are nice parts but we found only the run of amusement arcades, fair-rides and cheap tourist attractions (including a shop which sold statues of angels, weapons and smoking paraphernalia). I guess that a lot of seaside towns are like that now.

    Oh, I know Cousin Insomnia. He’s a pain in the butt. Never knows when he has outstayed his welcome!

    • Too bad about them junking up the beach. I saw a documentary on a beach in Thailand I think it was. Beautiful, pristine, now it looks like a frat party every night. Drunken tourists vomiting and discarding thousands of pop bottles, cigarette butts, and other detritus.

      It was like a garbage dump for alcoholics.

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