Frog Says “Lojong, Lojong”

I don’t believe this…while travelling in the ether yesterday I happened upon a few posts from Sharyn at Quirkeries using some beautiful cards with nature photography. They were the Lojong for the Layperson cards by Beverly King.

I left a comment, thinking I was late in finding out about these but Bev had a few copies left so I bought one. It’s odd that in the last couple of months I was introduced to two new authors who are Buddhists and then these cards came along. We have gone through such an upheaval these past two years with endless home renovations and the spouse retiring, as well as my poor health, that I have found such things very helpful in finding some equilibrium.

Photography © 2014 Beverly King


I didn’t have the money but that’s why the faerie of credit makes new billing periods every month.

I’ll sneak one of The Messenger Cards by Sandra Kunz in today.



Be a tree frog Jude, fit into the magic canopy of life. I like the playful curiosity of this frog, and the idea of using intention to have more fun, and getting away from “yesterday’s dust” as Sandra calls it.

Which is good because I hope to have fun working on two pieces of art with this deck over the weekend for my review of it. Frog is saying “I find it hard to paint ravens on fabric” but the Universe sends him a signal that it can be done.

Everybody but frog knows it can be done. He is a tough nut to impart wisdom to.




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