Bad Ju-Ju with Cherries on Top

On bad days when I feel sick I always think of animals. I often use Sue Lion’s Spirit Animals deck and I have wanted her other two decks for over two years so I thought they’d make a nice Christmas present to me. They are 30 cards each and come in lovely tins with a window for viewing the card you pick for the day. Any of Sue’s artwork and items would make great Christmas presents, should you be shopping.

I love the text and titling on these cards. Some people complain about text on cards but I’ve always loved it and you can see that I use text a lot on cards for my daily draws. Who doesn’t like a good, positive affirmation for the day, or a calligraphic word, I ask you?


Yup, I like my mythology and Sue also has some wonderful trees, all kinds of stuff in the EartHeart deck. Yummy art and words.

I am plugging away on my review for Sandra Kunz’s The Messenger Cards, and just got a marvelous idea for a watercolour background for a hummingbird in coloured pencil. More animals, you can never have too many, except I heard a mouse in the ceiling down here this morning. Mice, meh.

Let’s have a card from the Ceccoli Tarot.



What’s this? Nurturing her baby with donuts and cookies? No, no, this is not the way missus. No wonder the poor child looks bloated and sickly.

Queenie knows but she’s being a bit stubborn. Look at her eyes, daring you to question her methods of child-rearing.

I do question them, with a cherry on top. Pull back to reality lady, this is not the way to feed people if you want them to live.

Oh yes, I had some ice cream yesterday. Bad ju-ju.




2 thoughts on “Bad Ju-Ju with Cherries on Top

  1. Snap… I had ice cream too and I rarely do ice cream.. it;’s just that my daughter loves this cookies and cream flavour and sometimes I need something sweet so I have a taste. I will miss it when she goes off to the UK for 2 months… so not looking forward to that. My Ceccoli deck should be here any day… !

    • My preferred ice cream flavour is peanut butter and chocolate–deadly.

      I hope you like the Ceccoli as much as I do. I’ve really enjoyed working with it.

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