Teach is a Peach

I had to take a break after Windows lost four hours of work on a review I am writing. I have written notes and can recreate most of it but it’s pretty discouraging. I had backed up my initial hour of notes typed up so I reloaded that and have forged on. I saved it to my hard drive from Windows Live Mail, and I saved it onto a stick, not taking a chance on losing so much work again.

I thought in a fatalistic way that perhaps it was a sign to write a few things differently.



Yes, the ability to communicate knowledge ties in, and the Shadow Attributes give me another sign that I was taking a stance in writing with more negative thoughts about people in general than I was comfortable with. Windows sucked them into the void, giving me the chance to open the globe and look at it another way.

Live and learn, teach yourself along the way. What do you think, does Teach like a few butterflies in her stomach, as anxiety lingers from losing the study plan she had written up?




6 thoughts on “Teach is a Peach

    • Graham, I think she’d only have a bra with a map of the world if she was a geography teacher. Judging by the background she is a math teacher, they’re no fun unless you go mad for calculus.

      Although I did have a math teacher once who appreciated a joke I did about quadratic equations and cats. He was a rare being.

      • Come here and show my your integrals… nope does nothing for me. My maths teacher at A level was obsessed with Joanna Lumley so most examples had her somewhere in there if I remember correctly… My operational research lecturer used to spell warehouse wharehouse which always raised a chuckle too… Oh the fun we had before the internet and computer games 😉

        • Some days, I feel computers are a bit relentless in stealing my life. Sigh.

          I notice they are republishing all the board games I liked as a kid like Sorry! and Mousetrap–now those were fun.

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