The Tenacity of the 64-Bit Boar

Yesterday, at the mailbox of Charles Booth, one of my dollhouse dolls, Dr. Boar was hanging around, hoping that someone dropping by to pick up their mail might want a little chat about logical positivism. Alas, there was no one he could talk to, although that seagull might be an avatar of the Muse Clio, who could be helpful. No, Dr. Boar really needs to talk to Dr. Lock from the Phantasmagoric Theater Tarot if he wants to grind through logical positivism and give his PhD in Sociology and Comparative Religion a workout.


Barring that, I told Dr. Boar he was welcome to be my companion and discover some truth in archetype with me today.



I like the Shadow Attribute in this: “Loss of personal identity,” because when I was a teenager, and even as close as 14 years ago, I had a tendency to lose myself in the identity of friends, to the point of picking up their mannerisms and way of speaking. Pretty silly when I look back but I observe many people adopting such a way to hide.

None of that nonsense today, and I shall echo tenacity in the Light Attribute and try to clean the house.

For some reason yesterday I decided I wanted to make some new icons for shortcuts. There is a free file format plugin for Photoshop to do this, but I couldn’t get it to work. I finally puzzled out that I had it in the wrong folder. I had it in the 32-bit folder rather than the 64-bit folder. Unless I’m opening up old WMF files of clip art, I use the 64-bit version of Photoshop. The plugin is working now, which is a neat thing.

It’s hard to design an icon for a shortcut because the little arrow seems to overtake the graphic, but these ones in my practice shortcut at least were recognizable.


My monstrous ego made an icon with “JJ” on it, the cheek of it. Just what I need, another way to spend 50,000 hours on the computer.





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