Eat an Orange Vampira, Instead of My Brain

We are having one of those “I’ve got a million things to do!” weeks, scrambling around from town to town picking up items for our bathroom reno. We are fairly simple people, I want it clean and I’m picky about the colours but I’m not buying expensive, or fancy things. Still, it adds up.

I was up last night at 1 a.m. itemizing my receipts on an expenses list, toting that up, and putting all my receipts in a folder. When I heard my husband get up I bounced into the bathroom to show him the list and discuss our plan of attack for today. He didn’t seem that interested and had trouble focusing when the light went on so I bounced away.

Wired. Hey, somebody has to do it.



“Makes you aware that someone or something is draining your life force.”

She got that right, the vampire is my own mind, not letting me sleep and sucking the life out of me. I liked the thought about chronic complaining in the Shadow Attributes because although I am not complaining, I keep going over the details in my mind and finally my husband got tired of hearing it yesterday and rolled his eyes at me. He was exhausted, I was exhausted. Yes, I would have liked to shut down in the evening but I was unable to.

This is quite a salient card for me. I need to clean my house, read a good library book I ordered in called Arts and Crafts Embroidery, and pay attention to the pets and let it go for a day. I can’t do anything more right now until I talk to the contractor when he drops by on the weekend.

Let it go Vampira, mistress of the captive mind.




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