Windows Strikes the Dolorous Stroke

Wrangling with Windows and a new device yesterday, 8.5 hours later I finally got the device driver problem rectified. I was frazzled though. System restore twice and a remove and reinstall of Norton and Chrome twice. [Make a bloody restore point Jude before you plug something in.] I didn’t even get dressed the thing obsessed me so much.

My sick cat came and sat on my lap here for a few minutes while I was choosing a card. He hasn’t been up to hugs but he feels better right now at least. That’s a nice way to wake up.



The Knight is a romantic fellow who can often get caught in delusion. That’s just it, isn’t it? One minute you’re on a quest for the grail and the next thing you’re stabbing the king and running away, all your pretty thoughts of chivalry and honour and principle out the door.

A reminder to me perhaps, after my day yesterday, to not let the mind get away with the dolorous stroke.

What’s that Cerberus, you were there when the dolorous stroke was struck?


Wow, and to think he’s living in my house now. From the Gates of Hell to Deadsville, Ontario. It’s a rich life for a three-headed dog.




4 thoughts on “Windows Strikes the Dolorous Stroke

  1. Oh, I sympathise, I sympathise. But you seem to sort these technical things out with greater knowhow than I. I barely understand a lot of that stuff. The website tested me.

    My friend said yesterday ‘Waving, not drowning!’. When I get stuck in those 8.5 hour technical episodes, it is more a case of ‘Drowning, not waving!!!’ for me.

    Like the meanings on the card there! And the Deadsville Boys are looking good!

    • I sometimes wonder if knowing more is the greater danger? You tend to fuss more and go into too much detail, in a sense trapping yourself in these situations.

      Oh well, it’s over now!

  2. You solve your technical problmes in the most poetic way! What was this rogue device?! And oh, it hurts right now, just how much I want those cards… oh terrible enableress

    • The rogue device was a Sony Cyber Shot camera, one of the really cheap ones W830. I went to the Sony support site, and they no longer offer driver downloads and state that Windows will detect the right driver. Well, Windows went kerflooey and did not. I got the pictures downloaded the first time, but there was no picture for it in devices or the list in the Device Manager window, so I had no way of troubleshooting it.

      When I tried to fix that I got 2 icons for unrelated portable USB devices but no camera and all my menus disappeared in the camera. When I re-did it a third time I tried to troubleshoot the wrong icon that was showing up and Windows said it couldn’t fix the problem and then all of a sudden the correct camera icon appeared in devices.

      Weird, as Windows is usually fine at detecting devices and getting the right driver, but it just seemed to get more and more confused and I had forgotten to create a restore point which was the real problem.

      I like these cards too, although I don’t see other people using them much. Just checked Book Depository and they are $17.67 in your currency, $15.64 in mine. That’s a decent price–get them before they disappear. 😉 The complaint I used to see about them was that the imagery was tiny. While that’s true, the artwork is still appealing. The actual measurement of the graphic is 60 x 60 mm or 2 3/8 or 2.375 inches square. It doesn’t bother me.

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