Animal Decks in My Collection

I finished my day of fasting, which was all I could take this time, and am now eating fresh fruit and raw and steamed vegetables for a bit. Still in pain but hopefully it is ramping down.

I took a screen shot of my animal decks. Categorization can be a bit iffy here as some decks are all animals and some are animals in Celtic mythology or general world mythology for instance, and some of these decks are playing cards. I couldn’t resist putting Sandra Kunz’s The Messenger Cards in there, even though I haven’t received the deck and I don’t have the measurements and scans of the backs.

Click to enlarge:


Let’s all sing…”There is nothing like a database, lalalala.”




4 thoughts on “Animal Decks in My Collection

  1. I like seeing these!

    There’s a few there I sent you, isn’t there? The World Wildlife and Dragon ones I recognise. The Kenya one also?

    I don’t think I have ever used my copy of those Dragon cards. I will give them a look in a minute.

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