Heave-Ho Maties, Cheerfully Sail Onward



Yet again, it pops up.

Carolyn Kizer, who won the Pulitzer Prize in 1985 for a collection of poems called Yin, died on October 9th, 2014.

In scrounging about for one of her poems I came across this one which made me laugh, reminding me of several people who held sway over my mind 14 to 15 years ago, and particularly one with the initials M.F., for whom I had quite an attachment, fortunately forgotten.


For more than thirty years we hadn’t met.
I remembered the bright query of your face,
That single-minded look,intense and stern,
Yet most important -how could I forget?-
Was what you taught me inadvertently
(tutored by books and parents, even more
By my own awe at what was yet to learn):
The finest intellect can be a bore.

At this, perhaps our final interview,
Still luminous with your passion to instruct,
You speak to that recalcitrant pupil who
Inhaled the chalk-dust of your rhetoric.
I nod, I sip my wine, I praise your view,
Grateful, my dear, that I escaped from you.

Never let another human patronize and proselytize to you, never feed their self-righteousness pedantry and self-satisfaction. That is no anchor, merely a storm that destroys your ship.

You are your own anchor, your own intellect, trust your intelligence and ability.




4 thoughts on “Heave-Ho Maties, Cheerfully Sail Onward

    • There is a certain kind of person who worms their way in now and then. Well, when we are younger only perhaps, but developing discernment with age is handy thing. 😉

      I wish no one harm but they won’t get near me again.

  1. I’ve said it before and I will say it again. I love your anchor.

    I like these thoughts. I am not swayed so easily with age as I once was. Like you, I wish nobody harm, but I walk down dark alleys far less, if you catch my drift. I am aware that in the darkest of internet alleys, there are people still fighting and ripping each other apart with words. I keep out of all of that as best I can, keeping my self as safe as I can.

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