Cerberus Receives an Apple

VII OF CROWS (Seven of Pentacles)


I couldn’t sleep until almost 4 a.m., so slept in until 11 a.m. and I was pleased that I finally felt better. We drove to a bigger town to try yet again to hunt someone up to repair our seal on the garage. The we shopped around and priced some things for our bathroom renovation. I didn’t want to, having felt ill all week, but the anxiety of not being prepared for the contractor was bothering me, so this perseverance, this chipping away at pricing things and making notes was helpful and tied into the card today.

After accomplishing that I went to Michael’s and used a 50% off coupon to buy the Safari Chimera that Cerberus had been hankering for. Well, the spouse bought it for me for an early Christmas present but it was Cerberus I was thinking of you understand. That was my nurturing today, and the spouse bought me an iced coffee as a treat on the way home which was nice as my throat was sore.

Right before dinner our neighbour came over to discuss grading and putting gravel on our driveway. We phoned another contractor four times and he obviously doesn’t want to do it, so hopefully our neighbour can help. I’d rather give him the money anyway.

All in all, not a bad day. Right Cerberus?


Yup, everybody needs a pal.




10 thoughts on “Cerberus Receives an Apple

  1. I am so glad that Cerberus has his mate, and such a handsome bestie beasties they are! Odd I just had my driveway graveled… it was so bad I was wheel spinning in the multitudinous duck ponds when it rained!

    I love the Badgers Forest tarot one of the best Kickstarters!

    • Isn’t that Badgers deck great? Man, and I loved that you used it so that I could see some samples before I bought it.

      I also found her Blue Dog Rose tarot something I’ve used a LOT on this blog. Nakisha is a very fine artist and deck artist. I feel I buy something special when I buy a deck of hers.

      • The Blue Dog Rose is the only one of Nakisha’s I don’t have… Will have to give it a look see… I know some of the cards I have seen are gorgeous 🙂 I am feeling a strong animal vibe at the moment in my life…

        • Me too BB, the older I get the more I want to tune into nature and animals. The Blue Dog Rose is domestic animals which I like because I’ve owned cats, dogs, and budgies, and have often wanted parrots or cockatiels etc. Mice and rats are not for me but they are interesting.

          That’s why I have ordered The Messenger Cards by Sandra Kunz–lots of animals.

          • Must look at those. I have had mice, rats, snakes, spiders… Dogs, cats, sheep, hedgehogs, tortoise, goats, rabbits, even a pet hate, but no birds… Shudder! Your comment about painting raven parts had me shuddering too… I am attracted to corvids but not their body covering… If I draw then there is no detail if you get me.

            • Crows and ravens can be a bit…spooky. They are omnivores, so also meat-eaters and predatory. Yes, I get you about the detail. Interesting how people react differently to certain animals or birds.

              Mice and rats–yech. I suppose at one time I liked mice until now living in a rural area, I had to fight the battle of mice getting into the house and nesting. Snakes are okay though, but mice, yech.

              Ha-ha, a pet hate, I like that.

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