Mary Poppins Spends Some Coins

Oh boy, last night while we were watching a DVD of the movie Saving Mr. Banks, our DVD player when off. We thought it might have been a dirty disc, but alas, it seems the Load function on the DVD has played its last. Of course we had a big fight, which for us consists of a couple of nasty sentences and going to separate rooms for the remainder of the evening.

I then had the opportunity to get some work done in Photoshop on a template for a card deck I am making with my own artwork. I wasn’t really angry, just fed up that he sat there passively while yet again I tried to fix something and hurt my bad arm.

I laughed when I pulled this card. Yup, it seems a bit of the spouse’s retirement money will be spent. My sister sent him money for a DVD player that records, but so far he wouldn’t spend it. Now he has to.



If you are wondering what the 2S designates, this is a Mah Jongg deck, and “S” stands for South in this suit.

So, money out today, but for a useful appliance.




4 thoughts on “Mary Poppins Spends Some Coins

    • Ah no, I remember when you bought that printer, you had to wait for lack of funds and thought it was all sorted out with the gift of a new one.

      Sounds like my old Epson which started going on the fritz after only 2 years. The new one I bought this year is a Canon and seems pretty good.

      We bought a small Sony DVD today for $45 plus tax, so not too bad. The other one was an LG and was 5 years old. It’s amazing how much smaller the new one is and how much easier to connect to the TV.

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