Put the Fire Out

3 hours and 46 minutes later….


Ye olde Viking bead jigsaw is completed. The spouse said it couldn’t be done? Pshaw!

I may be blind from looking at tiny black jigsaw pieces, but I can still see to pull cards for today:



I lost my files for this deck. I spent hours cleaning up the cards (which had some artefacts from being drawn by hand) and recolouring them in blue, teal, and green. Bloody free anti-virus program ate the Photoshop files and I hadn’t backed them up. Since this particular version is no longer available online, I had better take very good care of my cards. I wish I had backed them up and burned a copy for the author.

Ooops, there comes the Wayback Machine with regret again. Must not go there.

Anyway, the Outcast card is interesting paired with the Fire and Exile. It’s like you are on your own and you’d better learn to build a fire to cook and keep warm, because no one is there to help you. Yup, I feel like that. The spouse was sulky and angry all day yesterday from the time he got up. Today he’s slightly better but I am definitely on my own. We rarely do anything together these days. I don’t mind as I enjoy my own world, but it tends to affect my mood.

Fighters and Archer, reminds me of the old ways of fighting, the simpler weapons, in this case perhaps words and attitude. We tend to stop speaking when upset. I like that because I feel safe and peaceful and I can keep my awful temper in check.

Wisdom uses an image of sign language positioning. It doesn’t seem to be the common ASL sign for wisdom, so I’m not sure. It looks like the hand of God pointing to your heart and calming the roiling and boiling, the churning of the ocean like in Hindu mythology. The wisdom to stay calm, the wisdom to touch the centre and hold there, quietly. All those things occur to me with this card.




2 thoughts on “Put the Fire Out

    • It took a while, but I find doing digital jigsaws relaxing and also rather meditative. I can’t do them too long because my tendinitis kicks in, but I do a bit now and then.

      I am not really a calm centre kind of person, but you never know!

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