Flow and Art and Fear and Flow Again

I am up at 2:30 a.m. and just browsing through my card database. I was talking to someone about animal art yesterday so thought I’d post a couple of samples from my database.

This is Sue Lion’s lovely Spirit Animals card deck (click to enlarge.)



This bit of eye candy is from the ever-nice Pathfinders deck (click to enlarge.)


I’ve got a 5 x 7 piece of art planned. I am hoping I can flow a bit since I’ve been stuck lately with art, completely frozen up. I was reading a book called Taking the Leap: Freeing Ourselves from Old Habits and Fears by Pema Chodron and that has some deeply resonant thoughts on being stuck in various destructive patterns.

I still don’t quite understand what it is about art for me. I desperately need to draw and paint but can’t do it. It reminds me of the sort of blockages of flow in general in my physical body. I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to say creativity gets blocked with physical blockages in circulation.

So, I’m hoping some of the ideas from this book sift in. It’s a library book and I can renew it and reread it several times. In fact, I’ll go have a quiet read now at 3:48 a.m. and see if it flows me to sleep.




4 thoughts on “Flow and Art and Fear and Flow Again

  1. I might have mentioned this before but I used to try different methods of drawing out – such as not taking my pen off of the paper through an entire sketch, drawing with different materials (ink and sticks, crayon), limiting my drawings to 5 minutes only. These exercises really loosened me up and brought about some great results. I still try these kind of things and have filled sketchbooks with them before. They can be really fun because it is all about the process and not the result.

    Have fun with your work! And good luck!

    • Okay, I’ll try a bit of contour drawing. My hand is bothering me which also puts a damper on things, but I shall give it a go.

      I was also up for 5 hours in the night! Whee, what larks.

  2. I know the blockage thing… I want to draw and paint too and after a small effort it all dried up… I was up for 52 hours in a row last week trying to get college work done… and everything hurt,but mostly my neck. I find when I cant do what I want to do something totally different, cook, read, watch a movie, and then slowly let the thing I want to do creep in at the edges, if that makes any sense at all!

    • Yes, the creeping in at the edges makes perfect sense. It’s almost as if by doing other things your mind can come back to what you really long for.

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