Hank Finds Some Friends

In my younger years when we were camping and boating, my family christened all chipmunks we met “Hank” and I loved them so much. I’ve been looking for a suitable chipmunk figure to go with the Badgers Tarot deck.

Today, while out shopping at a larger town, I bought one. I would have bought two but for the same price I also found a donkey with a dorsal stripe—I’ve always wanted a real donkey like that, so the spouse bought the figure, leaving Hank alone for now.

Now I am still trying to hunt up the Papo brand 2013 Red Fox and the Safari brand O’possum with Babies. Very scarce they are here, but maybe one day I will stumble across them.



I found a suitable wolf which looks remarkably like the Knight of Crows in this deck, and a bison that is on the Death card from the Badgers, was also found at Michael’s and purchased with a 40% off coupon. There is some crossover of animals in this deck and The Messenger Cards I have on order, so here is a sneak preview of the collection (minus the donkey who has found a friend on a bookshelf upstairs.)


They will be turning up on the blog in a few weeks. Cerberus was rather annoyed at the noise they were making as you can see in this image. I was going to buy Cerberus a 3-headed chimera friend at Michael’s but it was $25, I nearly choked.

The Lovers today is for my caring spouse, who lovingly let me spend $25 on his retirement gift card and gave me the donkey as a gift for $3.99, and drove me to and fro.



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