What a Fool Believes About Messengers

Money is pretty tight and most free dollars go toward fixing our 45 year-old house. However, I had been looking at a deck called The Messenger Cards by Sandra Kunz (a fellow Canadian) for about 17 months and finally decided that if I could buy it later toward the end of October, I could afford it as an early Christmas present. I hope to write about it and do some projects inspired by it.

I so rarely buy new decks that it has to be something special, something that speaks to me, and often animal or nature decks are what I opt for. This is like that with an added blend of spirituality that you might expect in an oracle.


After reading about another deck on Chloe’s Inner Whispers blog and hearing that my friend Steve was interested in it, I browsed around online and showed it to my husband. For us, this artwork is very unusual and totally different to what I have. So after thinking about it for a day I placed a pre-order. I’m out of money but by the time this comes in October I will be able to squeak out $17 for a treat.

It reminded me of Stella’s Tarot, perhaps more in colour than style of line and figure, but I liked it, one of those unexpected things.



I think most of these cards were adapted from pre-existing artwork by Nicoletta Ceccoli, but she is a book illustrator and I love that type of illustration. I have several decks that were created from pre-existing art and I don’t mind that as long as I can work with it. The main problem people may see with this deck is that it only has women depicted, but these are characters rather than realistic people, so it seemed charming to me.

I was interested to read that Nicoletta works in pastel and acrylic for her illustrations but has a degree in cinematic animation and does work with 3-D figures and digital painting in Photoshop as well. Steve noticed the influence of Mark Ryden on her work (which she acknowledges) but the spouse and I both thought of Tim Burton. It also seems that M.C. Escher, one of my favourite artists, was a big influence on her.

Who knows? It’s different and I like different.




4 thoughts on “What a Fool Believes About Messengers

  1. You do marvelous things with decks, so I will look forward to seeing what you do with this one!

    I really like the style. It reminds me of those stickers you used to get for kid’s cots in the 70s of fluffy bunnies. There is a comfortable and uncomfortable vibe in it. I like different too.

    I saw that image from The Fool in her paintings. The toy the character is originally playing with has been wiped away. There are others where things from the painting have been adjusted to fit the frame. I am not so fussed by that, but as a whole, I think it would suit your style of reading and comparison more than the kind of readings I work with at the moment. But you never know, I look forward to seeing what you do with it. As I say, never say never.

    • I think…it reminds me of the argument about the Wildwood being not as good as the Greenwood. If you are stuck looking at what was, in this case the original paintings, you can’t see what it now is, what’s in front of you.

      Oh, the Shadowscapes was vilified for using her original art, but I never looked too closely at the original art to dissect the cards so wasn’t bothered!

      It’s one of those things that doesn’t matter much to me. Not sure why, perhaps because I like to make a story out of what IS there too much. I like a bit of a puzzle.

      • Very true. It is what it is, as they say. I agree with you.

        Over the last few years, my tarot reading (especially of larger spreads and for others) has progressed. Mainly, I look for decks which aid and enhance that, so my deck-choices can often be a little on the conservative [and maybe boring] side these days. I like a deck which twists what I already know a little, but doesn’t turn it completely on it’s head. In time, I’m sure I will return to the more ‘out there’ decks. I will wait and see how the NC works with you. I think my cautiousness is down to having bought quickly or on a whim many times and paid the price. I shall sit back and read your posts first (hoping there will be a wonderful comparison with other decks – very unsubtle hint, hehe).

        The NC will definitely be one I watch carefully.

        • I have a few I bought or traded on a whim and have not held up over the years, so I’m pretty cautious these days too. But with Christmas coming up I always look around early.

          Oh no, a comparison! Funny, I thought I wouldn’t do that with this one but there are a couple of cards that remind me of other decks. I’m actually writing something to go with the NC 8 of Cups right now–something about that card got to me, and the story went through my mind early this morning during a bout of insomnia.

          I don’t know if that’s the best time to write but it’s certainly an inventive time. 😉

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