My Thumb Drops Anchor

Gosh, my right hand was swollen when I got up this morning, particularly the thumb. I thought it was getting better but obviously it’s still inflamed. No embroidery for me for a few days yet.



I really am having an anchored week. The House as you might expect means home and security, being safe. I put a lyre clip art in the background to symbolize harmony underlying the home.

Stability of the Anchor and security and a safe haven at home is what I need. We dashed out to the library yesterday so I got two other books and I’m still slogging along on the last 200 pages of the William Morris biography.

Refuge and comfort. My book says the House represents the frame, the skeleton, so due to my pain in bones and tissue, seems a good thought for comfort. I wonder sometimes if the spouse thinks I’m whingeing for nothing but he actually saw my swollen hand this morning so can actually see I’m having trouble holding and gripping.

Poor thumb. Oh well, another day of rest to try and rebound.




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