My Ship Sails In, Only to be Eaten by Cthulhu

Finally, the Daleks have eradicated the virus from my system, but I found when I woke up that Cthulhu had ingested my head!


I’m telling you, these Old Ones are powerful.

3 – SHIP


The Vikings tell me that wealth can mean more than money, but perhaps the extra security of money might be nice. I find it difficult to relate to travel due to the fact I rarely go out of the house, I am not mobile or worldly so this seems a stretch, but maybe it’s a day for travelling in the mind?

In my biography of William Morris, he has just completed his second trip to Iceland, and even translated some of the Poetic Edda which I have used with cards on this blog.

Perhaps Cthulhu is going to drag me across the ocean to Iceland where Dagon shall rise from the sea holding an anchor?

That must be it.




4 thoughts on “My Ship Sails In, Only to be Eaten by Cthulhu

  1. Is that you? You look like a little porcelain doll today, hehe.

    My head is not feeling good today. I’ve had a few days of fatigue and now have a cold so I am resting the day out, putting everything on hold.

    • Yes, that’s me, everyone’s favourite grey-haired porcelain dolly.

      I laughed and laughed………

      I must have given you my virus, or perhaps the Daleks sent it after exterminating it from my body? You know how they spread germs.

  2. Your hair looks so shiny and pretty and colorful. When I’m sick, my hair looks like a cross between rotting agave fiber and black cat laundry lint.
    I’m glad the virus has departed!

    • Thanks Lorena. Actually I have been pretty lucky with my hair turning grey because it suits me being lighter than my usual light brown with reddish highlights. It’s also naturally wavy so when I have it up it goes in little ringlets.

      Rotting agave fiber eh? OMG, you have got to finish your book, you have a way with words. 😉

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