Of Bugs and Trains

Isn’t it a great thing in life when people “get” you? I received a lovely package of postcards from my friend Steve this week. Steve said he and his partner don’t consider a holiday a holiday without postcard hunts for me. And the lads did very well this time, from Vikings to watercolours of York to abbeys and trains, to cards reminiscent of old travel posters, my package had it all!

Over the years I have had a few tarot friends and a couple of deck authors send me postcards. Years ago I coveted a 400-card postcard bundle from Pomegranate and after I lost my job I took some settlement money and bought a bundle. I read with them as an oracle, I sorted them and enjoyed the art and colour and learning with them. I now have over 2,000 postcards I think, and fond memories of friends who have sent me some in the mail or picked them up on travels.

Picture by D. Randall.


You can see more about this railroad on their home page.

In the area of Dungeness in Kent, there is a place called the Romney Marsh, where they have a 13.5 mile track running fourteen different trains. The trains are steam and diesel locomotives at one-third scale. And guess who received a timetable and guide and a postcard of one of the trains? Yup, I am the lucky winner. The locomotives were built between 1925 and 1937, and are beautifully kept and repainted. The apple green livery of the Green Goddess is so beautiful, and she looks good for being built in 1924. The first train, and built before the railway was, she epitomizes this railway.

The also have model railways displayed with various trains at New Romney Station. I love miniatures so the completeness of this exhibition in addition to the bigger scaled trains just delighted me. See what you learn from postcards? Such a history to this area in these trains and ancient buildings, marshes, lighthouses and all manner of flora and wildlife.

One of the trains is called The Bug which reminds me of the August 2014 issue of National Geographic, which has a terrific picture of Mediterranean mantises. I looked at that and wanted to draw it desperately, but I am still locked up, frozen. I also just got a National Geographic Kids book out of the library on bugs, so will enjoy reading that.


What postcard would be appreciated fully without turning it into a digital jigsaw? Yeah, somebody understands me very well.


Happy Sunday!


2 thoughts on “Of Bugs and Trains

  1. It’s beautiful, isn’t it? I could’t find a postcard of the one which took my friend’s wedding party to the venue (they got married on the platform of the railway station) but the Green Goddess is the one D and I travelled to Dungeness on the next day, to look around the open art studios.

    Lovely to read your post about this. Choosing cards and gifts for you is always a pleasure because I know how much you get from these kind of things. You always take learning that extra mile.

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