Quietly Sheltered in the Lee of Books

This one for Saturday:




The scene behind the anchor always reminds me of the hymn For Those in Peril on the Sea. My uncle was in the Merchant Navy so this card is dear to me. Stability, hope and the security of home. According to my new book the Anchor represents the hips and pelvic bone, both causing me trouble right now, particularly my pelvis, due to arthritis or damage.

The Cross is a card I designed with a Celtic and Christian cross to show a particular bias and self-righteous dogma. People use the cross for pain and to impose pain. It is a sad card, and can mean guilt too. The book says it symbolizes the lower back which ties in with my arthritic and pain problems. Sick and lonely and despairing says this card.

Maybe so, but the Anchor can root you to the Earth and give stability. Many times in a storm we sought shelter in the lee of an island and dropped anchor, during my childhood boating on Georgian Bay. It’s a way to persevere until you can get going again.

I am reading a good biography of William Morris. It’s quite dense but I need to read 50 pages per day to get it finished in time as there are no renewals with inter-library loans. In addition I just got another Phil Rickman book on inter-library loan. I put in an order for the four books of his my system didn’t have, and I so enjoy them. The main character is an Anglican priest in England and there is lots of British history, both pagan and Christian, reminding me of the Cross in this draw.

Definitely a good day to drop anchor and read.


4 thoughts on “Quietly Sheltered in the Lee of Books

    • Thanks Steve. I know some people might consider the borders to be OTT but at the time I wanted something decorative and Art Nouveau. It’s amazing to think this was five years ago.

      • I think they are beautifully ornate. Gives the deck its personality.

        I can’t believe that either. They still sit in their stunning bag with their bound book. I like your Lenormand because it is fresh and isn’t over-complicated. I read best with cards like that. I know how long it took you (remember the Roads), which makes it all the more special.

  1. Oh the Road, the road, the bloody road. I despaired of ever getting it right from that old piece of clip art but I got there after hours and hours of work.

    You don’t lose anything by working and putting effort out there.

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