In the Garden with the Moon

Someone very kindly sent me an English book for the Lenormand deck weeks ago. Up to now I have only had French and German books which get a bit tedious to translate when I just want to do a daily draw and not a protracted study. I wanted to give that book a go periodically with 2-card draws. I am using The Illustrative Lenormand Oracle which I made in 2009 from heavily modified WMF clip art and linework brushes in Photoshop.

32 – MOON


This seemed like a strange draw until we got a call at 8 a.m. that a contractor was available to put in a new side door on our garage. The original door was simply a plywood slab door with a hasp. The wood had worn so that the screws for the hinges kept coming out. Wasps had nested in the door one summer, and it was warped from rain and snow.

Here is the new door and frame, needing paint but noticeably improved.


Last week we got our old aspen tree in the front garden cut down, it was rotten enough to fall on our hydro wires so had to go, and then a day later they came back to grind two enormous tree stumps, two huge surface roots, and 10 other smaller stumps. The spouse has been digging out rotten roots with crown galls, caused by a type of bacteria that aspens are prone to. They are woody and knobbly and come to the surface attached to roots. So far he has dug up over 20 of them and some of them had about 3 other smaller galls attached to them.


This particularly one measured about 30 cm or a foot and was dug out while the contractor was hanging our new door. You can imagine how easy it was to trip over these in the front lawn. Hopefully with reseeding we might have a lawn again. I loved that aspen tree, which came from the woods behind our house, but it was perhaps not the best tree for a specimen tree since it sends out suckers for new trees and is prone to disease. The previous owner of the house dug it up and planted it and 30 years later we are left with the problems.

So I think of all this with my Lenormand draw. The Garden card can be about gardens but it generally points to people and public places. It reminds me of contractors and trying to get work done to improve our environment and bring our property back to loveliness.

The Moon card reminds me of cycles, cycles and seasons in the garden and how you know you’ve let it go, how that niggles at you. Healthy trees require care and intuition. It brings a sadness to lose a beloved tree. I find trees very spiritual, they saved me when I had my last clinical depression and the initial disappointment of the loss of my physical health.

The other funny thing about this card, which can point to artistic people, is that a card deck I mentioned here over a year ago came back to mind. I had seen my blog come up in search terms for the deck, but at the time I mentioned it, I didn’t have the money. However, I would like to get it as it’s hand drawn/painted and has birds, animals, and insects, so I think I’ll save up and try to get it in November.

That’s me in the Garden with the Moon.




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