Musing on Ennui, a Tinkle of Schubert in the Background

Digging around in the collection for another one of my older decks, I pulled out the first edition of Ed Buryn’s The William Blake Tarot. One of my favourites, and the deck that got my art history and poetry interests humming again after decades of languishing.

4 OF MUSIC – MUSING (4 of Cups)


A slightly different take on the ennui usually associated with this card. The element associated with it is fire rather than water. Smoke and vibrating energy like sound waves…here the ancient bard plays the harp and young children pass a nest of baby birds down from a tree. Improvisation and musing on the past can freshen your life and imagination and help you release stress.

So instead of being sick of the world and feeling jaded, you simply take a break and muse on things, relax and let the imagination flow like music, making space for gifts of the spirit.

Ed signed this for me when I bought it in November 2002, a long time ago. The exchange rate between Canadian and US Funds was extreme at the time, so I paid almost twice as much, but it was worth it. I was pleased to see that he had reprinted it and hope other people get as much pleasure from it as I have.

I bought a number of books on Blake including facsimiles of his books and a biography. He was rather hard to like as a person, but had vision and imagination.




2 thoughts on “Musing on Ennui, a Tinkle of Schubert in the Background

  1. Huh. I thought the nest had fallen from the tree and was being replaced. If they’re handing it down, that’s kinda sinister, no?

    • Yes, it’s not good (little blighters!) but then it does highlight what mischief kids get up to when they’re bored, which ties in with the card.

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