100 Grams of That and Cherry Flavouring



Patriot is balancing force with wisdom here, he’s balancing antihistamines for allergies with cough syrup for the virus from hell.

I am unconcerned, having achieved balance of mind with a big, fat biography of William Morris that came in on inter-library loan yesterday. For an insomniac like me, a virus is both blessing and curse, because I feel very sick yet have such peaceful, long sleeps as my body tries to repair itself.

I just don’t want the cough to turn into bronchitis and necessitate a trip to the doctor for antibiotics.

Phlegm be gone! Justice is mine.




2 thoughts on “100 Grams of That and Cherry Flavouring

  1. I am just loving watching these cards from the Fradella coming up every day. They are so uplifting. Today’s palette is a real boost.

    I hope you feel better soon. Let Morris do his work and heal you while you rest.

    • I’ve always loved this deck, but then I am fond of comics so it’s not such a stretch.

      I am also fond of illustrations, so this stands out as a deck that holds up.

      Morris has given me a tincture of acanthus leaves with a dollop of fairy and rabbit tears–should fix me up in no time.

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