Jynx Has a Little Lie Down

FOUR OF BLADES (4 of Swords)


The cards got this right, I have a bad cold and have been in and out of bed all day. I should know that when I feel hopelessly down emotionally there might be a physical component to it, like a blooming virus. I’ve lost all my taste, so even a tea isn’t appealing, so I’ve switched to ice water.

I love in the booklet where they say…”wounded but alive.”

Atta boy Jynx, just lie down for a bit.




4 thoughts on “Jynx Has a Little Lie Down

  1. I think Jynx should just take a good rest and read a good adventure story.

    You never know. There might be a big old jiffy bag full of postcards heading his way from the UK.

    You just never know 😉

    • Oh man, you know how to get someone excited! I was so excited I started a coughing jag again. I hope this cold goes away before my jiffy bag comes.

      Thanks, as always, buoying me up.

      • I missed the post today (as we only got back from York at lunchtime) but it will be on its way on Monday morning. D & I had good fun choosing them on our daily visits. He chose and bought some of them for you too. He knows how much you love a good postcard! It’s your long-awaited ‘welcome to Spring’ pressie, hehe. I hope you will enjoy them! 🙂 Always nice to have something to look forward to.

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