Limelight Ruminates on Men’s Hair Care

Limelight and his family enjoy the perfect day after spending time grooming themselves.

TEN OF MASKS (10 of Cups)


Mrs. Limelight was noticing that Mr. Limelight’s hair was looking a bit straggly. When his hair grows out it tends to make him look older and somehow powerless, like an aged man who has lost his effectiveness in the world, and thus he loses his confidence and emits a shadow of flickering passivity. And you thought it was just a haircut!

After their morning tea she convinced him to let her cut his hair as it hadn’t been cut since June. He wasn’t going to wash his hair but who wants to cut damp, greasy hair? Off to the bathroom for Big L. and a shampoo before the spousal stylist took her scissors to him. A few minutes later they were done and Limelight could go about his business secure in his masculinity and aura of power and action.

The next day Limelight trimmed Mrs. Limelight’s hair before she showered. Then the kids got a trim, and laundry is in the machine getting ready to be hung out to dry in the sun. Gosh darn, it’s a fuchsia and green kind of day.

Men’s hair care: who knew it was so important?




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