Solitaire Nabs The World

Thank goodness for Tylenol. I was able to sleep as the Tylenol dissolves the nerve pain, or blocks it anyway so I can at least sleep. I had to take one during the day today as well. I don’t like to take it for a long time as it’s bad for the liver, but during a crisis I suppose it’s better than nothing, as I can then rest.



The character is called Solitaire, and she looks pretty feisty. She took my hand and said “Keep going, I am here.”

This is a good card, and we spent five hours yesterday cleaning bedrooms and moving furniture, washing walls and floors, and cleaning the bathroom, then had a meeting with a new contractor last night to do the bathroom. He should be able to do it in November. I hope the snow stays away long enough to get the venting pipe for the new fan through the roof.

As well, we had the car detailed today. First time ever, but after five years of commuting 1,000 kms per week it needed professional help. Cleaned and shampooed, it looks wonderful considering it is five years old. We have 235,000 kms on the engine but hopefully we can keep it going for a few years.

We went to the library and got some books we had on reserve, so a great day, as one might expect from Solitaire. I am still eating fruit and drinking lots of water. We are having salmon and steamed vegetables for dinner so that sounds good.

Good, good, chipping away at it…




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