Big M. Trips Through Gloxinias

I never noticed before how many flowers were in this deck until the tulip in the King of Wands. Here it looks like a Sweet William on the left and a tulip on the right. No, in looking up flowers on the web, I think the one on the left might be a Gloxinia, one of the double forms because the foliage matches better.

Yeah, the Magus likes a bit of gloxinia in the big picture. Upon checking, because of their sensitivity to climate, gloxinias often signify love at first sight. In Victorian times you could give someone a pot of gloxinias if you were shy and they would get the message. They can also mean a proud spirit because they are showy.

Ah well, The Magician likes to distract people from what he’s really doing.



Good mental powers. Hey kids, look at those flowers while he does the Vulcan mind-meld!

So, time to bring some keen focus to things. Because of the four suit symbols in this card I think of creating harmony, bringing everything together with strength of will, and a bit of magic.

I was afraid yesterday that the vertigo I had in March was coming back. I reared back in fear, eating properly and drinking lots and lots of water, which I will continue. That’s the WILL in this card. The will to say “Not this time.” I think we sometimes misperceive will as a struggle or effort, some dramatic, forceful thing, but it is often a mere decision that then lets you carry on, flow onward to where you need to go.

The Magus doesn’t have a lot of patience with people who dither and waste time and don’t get the message. He says “Wake up to reality and use your intellect and will.”

Okay got it Big M.




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