Blending with B & B

It has been a slow few days. Sitting in the dental chair with my mouth open for an hour ramps up my TMJ pain as well as the arthritic pain in my spine. I’ve been dizzy too and my right shoulder is causing nerve pain.

Thank goodness for reading!!



Definitely Bogart and Bacall. I try not to let the movie stars get too much of a grip on me in these cards, but it’s hard not to be aware if you recognize them.

Lauren Bacall died recently, a fact which was lost amid the ferocity of publicity about the suicide of Robin Williams. Betty Bacall used to get fed up with people asking her about Bogart. They were married for such a short time in her very long life and career, that she must have found it frustrating to have him be the continual focus of questions.

For me, this card says to be close, but don’t get caught up in the fantasy of the lovey-dovey Two of Cups. Yes, it’s quite nice to fall in love, to be consumed by that particular euphoria, but to have it the entire focus of your life…? I see this with people who are searching for “the one.” Like a heat-seeking missile that’s all they can see. I was lucky to fall in love when I was young and did not have the protracted search for love, the all-encompassing focus of searching for love. It’s too much, or rather too little a thing to consume people.

From my observation the people who are most attractive are those who live their lives, take action, have talent and like to learn. Generally people who are busy living, not lost in a fantasy about soulmates, or complaining about bad dates, or shopping or drinking and partying all the time. Read, write, create, be comfortable being alone, enjoy those alone hours and use them to learn and grow as a human. Then you’ll find the good old Two of Cups arrangement.

A quiet day with the spouse for me. He got on the phone before 8 a.m. trying to line up contractors yet again. A proactive, attitude, that’s the key to being an attractive human. The union of marriage constantly ebbs and flows, each day different, each person different.

Perhaps a bit of embroidery then, since I can’t move too well? The Two of Cups is also about alchemy and blending your old self and body with the new, not living in the fantasy of what you used to be able to do. A toast of Cups at the bottom of the card to such blending!




2 thoughts on “Blending with B & B

  1. “Read, write, create, be comfortable being alone, enjoy those alone hours and use them to learn and grow as a human. Then you’ll find the good old Two of Cups arrangement.” ~ so very true! 🙂

    • I think people miss the importance of alone versus loneliness. Being alone is worth fostering.

      Two of Cups marriages of all kinds, here’s to that!

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