The Vision in the Tunnel of Light

An interesting card for a Sunday. Religion has been in my mind since I read a post by a blogger about religious tracts coming through his door by well-meaning people who think his tarot business is bad ju-ju. The assumption that every tarot reader is a devil-worshipping Satanist in danger of losing their soul is a fatuous attitude.

You do run across some strange people in the tarot world, and practitioners that give you bad feelings, but most readers want to help others and provide insight, and many people have a more Jungian, archetypal approach to tarot these days, rather than a desire to harness or inhabit and use dark forces. Discernment is key in any encounter with people: the lying, stealing, cheating, abuse, and murder in the news all contain dark forces, much more prevalent. I don’t see these religious people dropping off pamphlets to Joe Blow and his wife who’ve starved and beaten one of their children for years, and are finally discovered. Where are the tract-bearers and their sanctimony on this day of discovery? Would they take in a troubled child from a situation like this along with his unbearable anguish and rage?

I am ever reminded of the woman who came into the library where I once worked ranting about those “awful Harry Potter books” and how children shouldn’t be reading them. I asked her if she’d read any of the books and she said “No, my pastor told me about them.” Save me from the dangerous, dark souls of people who do not think for themselves nor have direct experience of something they are ranting against. Harry Potter is about ethics, friendship, loyalty, discernment, grief, death, and making the moral choice despite emotional hurt and physical pain, all things we humans should read about.

I was always taught, in my coolly rational Swords family upbringing, to do your own research, and examine, observe, and see things through your own eyes.



I’ve used this deck before but while using it for my Ace of pentacles/Coins study I thought again how good it was, how well it holds up and this card is an example of why.

If you look at it for a bit you notice a few details. This is what I observed:

1) The beam coming from the Hierophant’s eye is strong, like a funnel or a tunnel completed directed in a rigid pathway. As well, you can see that it’s only coming from one eye, as if he isn’t seeing with both eyes and thus his entire ability isn’t used, he is half blind in his focus.

2) The diamond pattern containing him is also like a force field that doesn’t let things in. Notice the white dove (a symbol of the Holy Spirit) that cannot penetrate his diamond shield and is flying away.

3) He is holding a card, which reminds me of the expression “holding all the cards” to denote having the upper hand or being omniscient, having more knowledge, the combination for winning, or thinking that you do.

4) The odd thing about the figures is that the one closest to him is in sepia and black, as if colour was stripped from him due to his proximity to the Hierophant. He could be a spectre from the past like old bones, old traditions. I thought it could indicate the black and white dogmatic thinking that gurus often have. They suck the light and colour from people and narrow it down to the polarity of two shades. The closer you get the less colour you have, the less choice, the less vision, the more you can’t see colour and reality.

That’s not Sunday. Sunday is about spirituality, reflection, the quietude of the inner self, the grace of an open heart, the mind connected to the infinite, and joy.

Happy Sunday!!




2 thoughts on “The Vision in the Tunnel of Light

    • I’m in trouble now. 😉

      Jesus would be horrified at this sort of thing; he talked to everyone, and didn’t leave pamphlets through the door instead of bothering to speak to people. These terrible assumptions and group thinking that overtake people’s common sense are cringe-worthy.

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